Used Nissan Berrien County MI

Used Nissan Berrien County MI

It seems since the automobile first went into mass production, it’s been a goal for many to buy a new car. You might even say it’s part of the American dream. Still, with prices sometimes higher than one can easily afford, buying new tends to be a practical option. The price is right, and you can often get more features than what you might afford in a new vehicle. If you’re curious about whether a used Nissan is the right choice for you, stop by Tyler Honda of Berrien County, MI, where we have a wide selection.

Though our dealership doesn’t specialize in Nissan, we do carry a wide range of options that we receive through trade-ins. Nissan is a brand that is growing in popularity, and is often a choice for those with a tight budget. Nissan vehicles are often priced lower than competitors because the brand focuses on compact models that often start off with only the essentials. This makes many of its vehicles a common choice for college students, new drivers and those who simply need a commuter vehicle.

Used Nissan Rogue Berrien County MI

Used Nissan Rogue

Within the Nissan lineup, the Rogue is one of the most popular options because of its convenience. As a compact SUV, the Rogue offers plenty of interior space and improved capability for daily adventures.


Used Nissan Altima Berrien County MI

Used Nissan Altima

A used Nissan Altima proves to be an attractive choice, as the compact car is slim and easy to maneuver, and comes in a variety of trim levels to fit every need. It continues to be a great commuter vehicle.


Used Nissan Juke Berrien County MI

Used Nissan Juke

For those seeking a unique style to stand out from the crowd, a used Nissan Juke is a fun sight to come across. The model is compact like a car, but offers plenty of interior space as a crossover SUV.

Used Nissan Titan Berrien County MI
Used Nissan SUV Berrien County MI
Used Nissan Car Berrien County MI
Used Nissan Altima South Bend IN

Why buy used through Tyler Honda?

At Tyler Honda, we pride ourselves on selecting impressive used cars from a variety of different automakers. Many of our vehicles come from customers who are looking to trade in their vehicle for a brand new one, often even turning in their leases. This means we have a variety of low-mileage, one-owner vehicles that have plenty of life left on the engine.

You’ll note that most of our used autos have less than 100,000 miles on them, and over half have less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. When we look for used cars, we look for ones that will last you a long time. The best way to continue having you as a customer is to only provide excellent options, and trust that good customer service will keep us in your memory. Tyler Honda is a full-service dealership, so we look forward to helping you maintain your vehicle for years to come.

Interested in test driving a used Honda? We happily serve customers from Stevensville, Niles, Three Oaks, Baroda, New Troy, Union Pier, Bridgman, Buchanan, Fair Plains, Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and all of Southwestern, MI, along with shoppers as far away as South Bend and Elkhart, IN.

Interested in a used Nissan model?

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