Used Honda Berrien County MI

Used Honda Berrien County MI

When you see an ad on TV for a Honda, you’re viewing all the latest technology and flashiest design efforts offered here at Tyler Honda. We understand why you would want to pick one up, but we also understand that not everyone can afford to. That’s why we offer plenty of used Honda options to drivers within Berrien County MI. Though we offer pre-owned vehicles from a variety of other automakers, we typically have more Honda options than any other. For a good reason, too.

Honda is a brand that is well-known for its reliability and high resale value, so it only makes sense that the brand is coveted when it comes time to search for a used car. Believe us, you aren’t the only one specifically looking to see what used models are on the market. Honda can be harder to find for a few reasons. One is that many owners don’t want to part with their car, but another is the fact that the brand is in high demand. Honda also sells less vehicles to rental car businesses.

Used Honda Accord Berrien County MI

Used Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has been a favorite among families for quite some time, and it’s not much of a surprise. The model offers plenty of interior space, while still maneuvering seamlessly through traffic.


Used Honda Civic Berrien County MI

Used Honda Civic

When it comes to versatility, you can’t go wrong with a used Honda Civic. The model is just as popular among college students looking for a reliable ride, as it is with enthusiasts seeking a model to tune.


Used Honda CR-V Berrien County MI

Used Honda C-RV

There are many reasons to enjoy an SUV, from single drivers needing space for their gear or improved capability, to families seeking a roomier option. Either way, a used Honda CR-V fits the bill.

Used Honda Fit Berrien County MI
Used Honda Pilot Berrien County MI
Used Honda Ridgeline Berrien County MI
Used Honda Odyssey Berrien County MI

Look for the Certified label

Here at Tyler Honda, we receive many models from our favorite brand because those who shop here frequently come back to trade in and upgrade. This means we offer plenty of fantastic pre-owned cars with low mileage and just one owner, but the best way to determine value is to check for the Certified Honda label. These models have gone through an intense inspection and must meet the high standard of Honda to receive this label. Plus, they are backed with their own warranty.

We do sell Honda models that are not certified, and this usually means that the models are simply older model years or have higher mileage. Many of the used Honda cars, trucks and SUVs we stock come from our previous customers, including models that were leases. Leased vehicles are some of the best to purchase because they are just a few model years old, and you know that the previous drivers took good care of them in order to avoid fees upon returning the model.

Interested in test driving a used Honda? We happily serve customers from Stevensville, Niles, Three Oaks, Baroda, New Troy, Union Pier, Bridgman, Buchanan, Fair Plains, Benton Harbor, St. Joseph and all of Southwestern, MI, along with shoppers as far away as South Bend and Elkhart, IN.

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