2019 Honda Passport vs 2019 Toyota 4Runner

2019 Honda Passport next to a 2019 Toyota 4Runner

Drivers who are searching for a new midsize crossover SUV that can provide them with the versatility and capability they need every day have a lot of different vehicles to choose from. With so many vehicle options in the auto industry, a decision as to which one would be the best choice can be very difficult. Two of the top choices for a new midsize crossover SUV this year are the Honda Passport and Toyota 4Runner. Which vehicle is the best choice for your specific needs? This side-by-side comparison of the 2019 Honda Passport vs 2019 Toyota 4Runner will help you determine which crossover SUV is the best vehicle for you by showing you some of their biggest differences and similarities so you can make the most informed buying decision when it comes time for you to choose.

The Honda Passport and Toyota 4Runner are both top picks, but one of them will suit your needs better than the other. Keep reading to learn more about the new 2019 Honda Passport and 2019 Toyota 4Runner to see how they compare to each other.

2019 Honda Passport 


2019 Toyota 4Runner 

All-Wheel Drive (Available)  Traction Control   Four-Wheel-Drive (Available) 
3.5-liter V6  Engine 4.0-liter V6 
280 hp  Horsepower 270 hp 
100.7 cu.-ft.  Cargo Space  89.7 cu.-ft. 

2019 Honda Passport and 2019 Toyota 4Runner Comparison

The 2019 Honda Passport takes an early lead over the 2019 Toyota 4Runner in this comparison by having a more powerful standard engine. The smaller and more powerful engine given to the 2019 Honda Passport also offers a higher fuel economy rating than the 2019 Toyota 4Runner SUV. Other noticeable differences you’ll find in these two crossover SUV models can be found in their rear cargo area. The new 2019 Honda Passport offers you more than 100 cu-ft of cargo space while the 2019 Toyota 4Runner offers less than 90 cu-ft of cargo space. The interior of the Honda Passport also gives you a lot more passenger space thanks to 114.9 cu-ft of passenger volume. The 2019 Toyota 4Runner can only offer 97.3 cu-ft of passenger volume. If it’s power, fuel efficiency, and passenger and cargo space you’re looking for in a new midsize crossover SUV, the 2019 Honda Passport is a perfect choice.